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Oct 13, 2012 4:00am PDT
ended with a catastrophic failure. they blew a four-run lead and the cards now move on to face the san francisco giants in the national league championship series. >>> well, the nats may be out of the game, but their mascot and fans are showing that they have game, gangnam style. >> we know you know the moves, too. that kind of thing. >> is that how it goes, really? >> don't act all brand-new. you know it. a korean pop star and his youtube hit is getting a lot of sporty renditions from tennis court in china to the baseball field right here in washington, d.c. here's cnn's mark mckay. >> reporter: by now you've watched it, sang the song or even done the dance. >> the style is noble at daytime and crazy at night. that's gangnam style. >> reporter: the video has become a worldwide hit. went viral on youtube with 4 million views. now the song and dance are making their way into the world of sports. last week, tennis star novak djokovic busted a move with some fans in beijing to celebrate his china open win. baseball fans in the u.s. had a good laugh as the washington nationals team mascots
Oct 6, 2012 4:00am PDT
may eat some bacon right now. a san francisco man who turned his greasy passion into a business. rob marciano explains in this "how we got started." >> anything on our menu you'd like to see? >> reporter: the food truck scene was missing something -- bacon. >> as i have gotten older. i didn't realize how much i loved bacon. my friends are like, dude, you always loved bacon. >> reporter: two years ago he was unemployed and decided to develop a bacon food truck. >> went on for weeks and weeks. our neighbors complained. >> our neighbors complained. it always smelled like bacon. >> reporter: bought a used food truck and bacon bacon was on the road. >> when i drive down the road and people pumped their fists, i knew i was on to something here. the response was awesome. >> reporter: lunch goers line-up waiting for anything with bacon, even dessert. >> this is a s'more one weame up with a few weeks ago. we run out of it and people get mad. i'm sorry. >> reporter: just the smell of bacon cooking at their prep kitchen attracted a crowd and an opportunity. >> we started selling breakfast
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)